Translation Rates

We adopt two simplified charge rates depending on the target language as follows:


English into Portuguese (from English)
  • USD $0.075 per word
Portuguese into English (from Portuguese)
  • USD $0.065 per word
We generally charge an urgency fee of 25% (i.e. net cost of translation + 25%) for translations requiring delivery within 24 hours. For translation delivery from 24 to 48 hours, a surcharge of 10% is applicable. Please note that we count delivery time following receipt of necessary payment (delivery time does not start from the time you first send us a document). Urgency fees are charged at our discretion depending on the nature of the translation and our current work schedule.

We transact payment online via PayPal. You do not need to be a PayPal account holder to transact payment as we can bill you via PayPal using your email address. There is no cost to you sending us payment, our bill is all you pay.

You may find it convenient to use our translation cost calculator here as is will give you an approximate cost of your translation. The calculator opens in Microsoft Excel and by entering the gross word count of the document requiring translation, our calculator will work out the likely cost of your translation. No information is saved or recorded by us. Further instructions are included in the spreadsheet.

All prices (i.e. fees, rates etc) are subject to change without notice.

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